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December 15, 2021
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March 2, 2022

All can fly..

Dear RC Pilot,
As said, we cross all these new bridges together as we find our way into the new territory of ARO rules and regulations. We gain new knowledge daily and felt this is a good time to emphasise some key aspects.
• RCASA was approved as a Radio control ARO, tasked, and committed with the SACAA to regulate the RC aviation and keep it safe.
• All RC ARO’s are bound in the same way and audited in the same way, bound to the same regulations, rules, laws and bylaws.
• For that reason, RCASA provided a method from the first day to also accepts Pilots from other ARO’s to join RCASA and we accept the competencies and proficiencies from other ARO’s.
• ARO’s are there to maintain safety and ensure “everybody can fly and is welcome”, not imposing political barriers or restraints onto the fraternity.
• We un-categorically state that Paid up pilots from other ARO’s are welcome to participate with RCASA pilots at events and any club or any flying for that matter. We went as far in making 30-day membership possible with RCASA to ensure “everybody is invited” from other ARO’s.
• Your choice of an ARO should never be a barrier.

We hope this news is well received and feel free to contact us for more information when in doubt.
RCASA Management Team(ARO12)
Tel: 010 003 7877