RC FW Pilot Pre-Flight Test



  • This document covers the RC Pilot FW Pre-Flight Competency
  • Safety is the highest priority. The objective of all competency related matters is to achieve the highest levels of safety and performance.
  • The test performed by a RC Instructor (RCASA Members), the outcome is Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC).
  • The pilot is allowed to land for battery replacement or refueling.
  • The pilot can use the craft of his choice within the category applicable.
  • Any action that is seen as a breach of safety in any way, will result in a complete NYC of this test.


Additional Notes

  • Do a de-briefing pointing out all positive and negative aspects from the test and results.
  • Discuss any findings in a positive manner.
  • All tests to be logged on the RCASA portal, C and NYC for good record keeping.