Insurance Brief

Point 2.. We got from 150 m down to 20 m
Point 6. Allows us to fly events and clubs at full size fields
Point 7. This is currently a CAA restriction and we are working on lifting it, as soon as we can get the CAA to lift , the insurance will lift it
Point 17. Refers to airports like CPT or JHB International.
Point 20. This rules talk about your flying line.. so when you come in for landing or take off you are fine
If your club has a flying zone that goes over a road or highway, CAA them self has a rule against this.

Specific Conditions and Exclusions:
1. No crafts heavier than 35kg will be insured under this policy.
2. Parked vehicles and Spectators may not be closer than 20m from pit area
3. Never to fly out of line of sight
4. Mid-air collusion is a complete exclusion
5. Liability following powerlines is excluded
6. A flight manager must be present and confirm all aircrafts are grounded for incoming passenger flights
7. No model aircraft may fly further than line of sight but not higher than 150m ( 400Ft) and not further than 600m from pilot.
8. No person may fly without a caller being present, unless no other persons/ aircrafts are present on the field
9. No more than 150 PAX per anyone event
10. No flying in hazardous weather conditions, including wind speeds exceeding 38km/h or where visual line of sight is compromised.
11. All participants to complete an indemnity each year of registration
12. Indemnity signs to be clearly visible and legible at all flying zones noting entry at own risk and inherit danger due to flying models
13. There must always be a working fire extinguisher
14. All flying zones must adhere to and have an updated safety file
15. All beginners must at all times have an experienced caller present.
16. No intoxicated persons may fly their aircrafts
17. It is noted and agreed that no events or registered clubs are hosted on airports who receive commercial passengers airplanes.
18. All rules and regulations as per the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) to be adhered to
19. It is noted and agreed that only registered and competent persons will take part in the insured events
20. All flying zones must be at least 350m away from:
· Nuclear power plant
· Prison
· Police station
· National key points
· Marine ports
· Train station or railway
· Wind turbines
· Oil Rigs
· Telephone or power lines
· Highways or public roads