RCASA Companion is an App for Android, assisting our members to 1. Manage their crafts and 2. Putting all key information within easy reach.

It is free and developed out of passion for RC and the community. Unfortunately we only have an Android version currently available and hope the future will bring an IOS version as well. We are learning as we move forward.

How to install?

Download this .apk file onto your phone. As this is not working via the App store, you need to allow all questions, location sensor and “don’t send notifications” should it ask during the install.

If a new installation, Companion should note that this is a new install and once opened, take the user to a User Registration screen. If an Update, it will ignore and work normal by using previous user and craft data.

Important: After installation, always go to Settings/Modify Crafts, if it is a New Install, one should see only 1 of 1 record with DefaultID and DefaultName. If it was an update, one should see all your crafts as added before. While all was done to protect the user, and in case we missed something, never work with Default, it used as a marker in the filing system. Never change the name or do anything with it, always navigate away from it.


  1. Ver 2.1, Fixed the update user information screen, added a call button and did some background enhancements on user input and stability. We are aware of a problem with the J250F Samsung and working on it. App will sense new installations and take the user to the user registration screen. No longer needed to perform the “old routine. Download