Events Application


Being the Event organizer requires huge responsibility, and we commend you for this and will support you legally where we can.

  • Irrespective of the problem at the event, you are responsible, from parking problems to toilet issues.
    Make 200% sure you cover all ends as the buck will stop with you.
  • As always, applications, forms, documents can be tedious but the more information you provide and stipulate, the better.
  • If you ever have to make a unexpected safety related call, rather level up if in doubt, never level down. 
    The Event organizer is not in a position of a "people pleaser", everything you do is related to your risk position at the event.
  • Ensure the team you select, Safety Officer, etc. are people/friend that can and will assist you at all times.
    They are your protection when your eyes and ears are absent at times or places at the event.

Please complete as complete as possible, any missing information will result in a delay or rejection of the application