Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who and what is RCASA?

RCASA is a group of RC pilots that established an ARO to promote and regulate RC flying as per current rules and regulations in our beloved country.

Q: Is my enrolment and information safe with you on your web?

The enrolment puts you under no obligation and your information is safe with us, just like your flying will be!

Q: Can there be another regulating body?

Yes, the current rules and laws allows space for more than one such organization.

Q: Is this legit?

Yes, the RCASA ARO application was approved in January 2022. The certificate is available on our web.

Q: What about insurance?

With RCASA you will be insured and we believe our insurance is superior. Due to competition we do not share our schedule as a public document. Contact us for specific questions you might have.

Q: What will happen to my current proficiency status?

Your current proficiency is accepted as is. As per our MOP, competencies from other ARO’s are accepted into our qualification system.
Currently there are only 2 ARO’s, RCASA and SAMAA.
We do accept SAMAA proficiencies as follows:
SAMAA Solo and Bronze accepted as RC Solo Pilots
SAMAA Silver and Gold accepted as RC Advanced
SAMAA Instructors accepted as RC Instructors

Q: Where are the supporting documents like procedures or so?

All our documents are available on our web. Some is protected behind a password. Please contact us should you have problems obtaining the information you are looking for.

Q: Can I fly at my club with RCASA membership?

Yes, just like all other similar associations, we need your club to give our members permission in writing. This is to confirm acceptance of our safety rules, insurance, proficiency, hence legal traceability, ensuring all ends are legally covered. Clubs should be fine as their role is to look after their members first in any case and if all regulations are covered, it should not make a difference or worthwhile choosing sides or so.

Q: Lets talk money?

Our annual membership fee is R 500 pa. RCASA is a NPO and will keep membership fees as low as possible.

Q: Can pilots from other ARO’s participate in RCASA events to fly at RCASA clubs?

Yes, we made provision for temporary membership to other ARO’s. They can join under Member registration and will become a RCASA member for 1 week to ensure they are included in our insurance and enjoy flying with their friends at RCASA clubs and events.

Q: What is RCASA Companion?

RCASA Companion is an App written to assist members in various ways. Firstly to keep important information at hand within one App. Secondly to make it easy for members to contact RCASA and thirdly, easing the process of flight logging. Companion will keep adding hours and flights as you log, making craft maintenance planning easy. .