What are our Objectives?


These are what we believe in and what we wish to maintain.

• Confirm and communicate that within an ARO environment, more than 1 regulation body for RC might exist.

• We do not want to replace any current regulation body, we want to exist in parallel to provide an alternative or an option to RC pilots.

• Resolve and address insurance concerns:
- Restore the limitations as it used to be
- One can be insured at many places but only claim from one
- Ensure we can fly further than 200m, park closed, have regular events, etc
- Aim for best value for money by lowering the risk, low risk = low premiums
- A Low-risk position is only possible when most pilots are of the highest proficiency, hence constantly train/assist pilots to get to the highest proficiencies.

• Our initial aim is not to participate in international competitions, i.e., FAI membership.

• Remove as much as possible of red tape with automation and go completely paperless if possible.

• Be as transparent as possible with the management, members, processes, and approvals.

• Make use of technology with regular meetings and ensure swift actions and re-actions.

• Do “public hearings” when needed for open discussions and collective decisions. This is aimed to always have maximum member involvement.

• Simplify the known proficiency structure, i.e., RC Novice, RC Student, RC Pilot and RC Instructor only.

• Ensure RCASA members co-exist without problems and that clubs treat this new position the same. Communicate and have meetings when needed to ensure a peaceful outcome for all involved.

• A first prize would be to have regular seminars on subject related to RC flying, we want to take the RC experience to the next level.

• We want to maintain RCASA as a non-profit association and will plough back access resources when possible.

• We will not produce newsletters as such but rather give regular, daily if needed, update when available. We will reach out to all possible platforms and rather over communicate than under communicate. Nothing bad ever came from over communicate but lots of bad stuff happened from under communicate