RC / RW Pilot Pre-Flight Test



• This document covers the RC RW Pilot Pre-Flight Competency test.
• Safety is the first priority. The objective of all competency related matters is to achieve the highest levels of safety and performance.
• The test performed by RCASA Test Officer (TO), the outcome is Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC).
• The pilot can land for battery replacement or refuelling.
• The pilot can use the craft of his choice within the category applicable.
• Any action that is seen as a breach of safety in any way, will result in a NYC
• We see RW crafts as high risk and needs to be treated with utmost respect. All relevant people to maintain a safe distance and well within all relevant safety rulings at the specific venue/club.



RW Advanced Pilot Competency Pre-Flight

1 / 5

Check all is fastened, engine and movable parts, complete

2 / 5

Check all battery levels, craft, radio, all.

3 / 5

Ensure it is safe and correct switch on sequence, radio first then craft.

4 / 5

Perform radio bind check and check all radio inputs produce the desirable reactions on the craft, ie Tail blade movement direction, Throttle setting before start up, etc.

5 / 5

Start/test the engine or plug in batteries. Observe if pilot ensure a safe/slow start/spool up action.

Your score is



Additional Notes

  • Do a de-briefing pointing out all positive and negative aspects from the test and results.
  • Discuss any findings in a positive manner.
  • All tests to be logged on the RCASA portal, C and NYC for good record keeping.