Dear Radio Control Aviator

We feel it necessary to provide for more options when it comes to the management, regulations and support of RC pilots in South Africa. Establishing such a association takes huge effort and time, for now, we ask that you show your support by enrolling/registering on this site.

Your information is confidential of course and we will update and share progress with you as we go along. It is our intention to resolve insurance issues, stay price competitive whilst going back to “Keep it simple” principles with lots of automated administrative functions, taking us all into the technology age. Even though a lot of work is already done behind the scenes, we still need to walk a couple of miles, you can assist by showing your support.

We hope to produce an “all inclusive” association with maximum member involvement where and when possible, making it your association for real in the end, a place to group and belong together.

Your support is strengthening our and your case and is appreciated.

Stay safe with RCASA!

Radio Control Aviation SOUTH AFRICA